Let Go… Let God

So I’ve heard this phrase a few times before in my life, but recently I saw it while scrolling through my news feed of a popular social networking site that rhymes with Space Look (;-). The picture can be seen here.

What grabbed my attention this time was how simply the message was laid out. Let Go, Let God. It could be considered one of the fall back phrases that Christ followers tend to pull out when dealing with a difficult situation or an acquaintance has just poured out all of their grief and anguish about their impending divorce to you when all you asked was “How was your weekend?”.

It’s been mentioned to me once or twice recently to let go of the strong emotions I apparently am keeping hold of from events that happened years ago. To let it all go. The past, the hurt, the negative memories. Treat it like it no longer has a hold on me and move on. Easier said than done.

To be honest, I was slightly offended (correction: very offended) when I was told that I’ve been holding onto past hurt and apparently allowed it to color my interactions with those close to me. I’d like to think that because I am a new creation in Christ; I’ve let go of all the past hurts and pain I experienced before I became a Christ follower.

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation: old things have passed away, and look, new things have come. 2 Corinthians 5:17 [HCSB]

Unfortunately, I’m human and humans make mistakes. Like not completely letting go of past hurts and pain and allowing God to heal you. We want to keep our hurts and pain around us like a security blanket because we know it and it’s comfortable. The unknown future with Christ and freedom from our pain and past is scary without our security blanket, but once we let go of that painful blanket, things do get better.

This is no easy task, no matter what pain or past experiences you might be dealing with, but Christ is there to help us heal and move on. Let go of that painful security blanket and let God comfort and heal you. It’s hard, but lets do it together.

Let Go. Let God.

Daughter of the Most High God. Well cared for and appreciated wife of an amazing man. Female, Christian, mother of an adorable & imaginative son, sweet & feisty daughter and a furry house pony, type 1 diabetic, slightly geeky, married to a most wonderful man who treats me like a queen, youngest of three, created in the 80's, lover of Christ; history and languages, animal lover, outspoken, caring and just down right cool. ;-)

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