Spring in Ohio

We are spending some time with the in-laws (Oma & Pa) in Ohio and I’ve realized a few things:

  • When driving from Texas to Ohio, be prepared to spend most of Day One still in Texas.
  • Don’t forget the heavy coats, gloves and hats. It snowed yesterday. It’s April.
  • Bringing bits of home, like my coffee & coffee maker, helps stave off crankiness.
  • Be willing to be flexible about kiddos nap times & what they eat for meals.
  • Know that the memories being made now outweigh the exhaustion earned in the drive time here.
  • Road trips with toddlers & preschool aged kids can be done well with flexibility and grace.

On the way to Oma & Pas’ house

Easter 2018. Munchkin wasn’t keen on getting his picture taken.

The following day. A belated April Fool’s joke from Mother Nature.


So if a road trip is in your future and you’ve got young kids (mine aren’t small, so calling them smaller seems weird), know that it can be done AND you won’t go nuts. I may try to amass notes and tips for next time. Until then, enjoy where you’re at and what you’re doing.


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